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The expert witness is engaged for his or her experience to give an informed, objective and impartial opinion on matters outside the experience of the tribunal. This type of evidence is sometimes referred to as opinion or expert evidence.

An expert witness is appointed in a non-testifying and/or testifying role, generally, in dispute resolution techniques such as litigation, arbitration and adjudication.

Construction disputes invariably comprise the complex interaction of numerous factual events with the law, therefore, the expert witness is required to exhibit a unique skill of specialist knowledge in his or her chosen field together with the aptitude to forensically investigate and present large quantities of data in a form that is of assistance to the tribunal in deciding the issues in dispute. The product of the expert witness is clear and cogent evidence by way of a report and/or oral evidence that will stand scrutiny under cross-examination and is accepted by the tribunal.

On the 26 April 1999, the rules for conducting civil litigation completely altered in the UK with the introduction of the Civil Procedure Rules ("CPR"). Part 35 of CPR deals with expert evidence and encapsulates a comprehensive set of rules together with associated Practice Directions.

Arbitration, and to some extent adjudication, has now, by analogy, generally adopted the key principles of Part 35 for providing expert evidence.

As money is at the root of most construction disputes, it may be beneficial to engage the services of an expert on quantity surveying matters. A quantity surveyor specialises in the measurement and valuation of construction works.

Nigel is a Chartered Quantity Surveyor and is available to provide advice on quantity surveying matters.

Nigel formerly acted as an expert witness before being called to the Bar and has previously provided opinion evidence to various tribunals and has been cross-examined in both County Court and the High Court (Technology and Construction Court) in London.


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